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shareSee - Dynamic Sharing of Large-Scale Visualization


Driven by needs of SciDAC applications for large user groups to collaborate across geographical distances, visualization must now also serve as an effective means to share concrete data as well as abstract ideas over the Internet. Yet there is simply no expeditious and practical way for users collaborating in this wide area to share large visualizations in a dynamic fashion. Current users cannot dynamically interact with and tweak a visualization to answer questions formed spontaenously in his or her mind. We propose to use free, unscheduled, and unreserved resources on remote networked computers in an innovative way to visualize large datasets. We have shown that fault tolerance as well as scalability can be achieved. The latency perceived by the user can be as low as when the entire dataset is in the local area network. Run-time fault could happen without hampering time-critical on-demand volume visualization. Distributed collaboration of up to 10 concurrent users visualizing a total of 300 GB (1 TB with replication for fault resilience) have been shown to be interactive using completely distributed computing resources during live experiments.

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