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The following are some selected research highlights of our group.

seeDQ A Query Language for Visualizing Probabilistically-Based Features
seeESG Web Enabled Collaborative Climate Visualization in the Earth System Grid
seeGRAPH Dynamic Visualization of Coexpression in Systems Genetics Data
seeMQV Scalable Multivariate Query Driven Visualization for Large Multivariate Volume Data
seeMULTI Concurrent Viewing of Multiple Attribute-Specific Subspaces
seeREG Regular Expression for Time-varying Multi-variate Visualization
seeTENSOR Brain Nerve System Visualization
seeVISIBLE Parallel Visibility Culling for Large Data Visualization
seeYEAST Dynamic Visualization in Genomic and Proteomic Research of Yeast for Bioenergy
REMOTEsee Remote Visualization
SHAREsee Dynamic Distributed Sharing of Large-Scale Visualization